"...we must all think about stepping more gently upon the land
when we build..."

- Malcolm Wells


Excellence in design and Architectural stewardship are the top priorities of Greenworks.  We dedicate ourselves to sustainable and environmental Building Design, Interior Design, Tiny Home Design/Build and building Rehabitation. We always strive to meet and exceed the needs of the client, community and the environment.


Greenworks is pleased to
offer services in...

Civic   • Retail  

• Education    Commercial  

Tiny Home Creation  

High Density Housing

Single Family Residences 

We guide each of our Clients through conception, design, permitting, bidding, and construction, as well as,
green certification. 

Call us to find out how we can make your dreams become
a reality.

About Us:
Greenworks is devoted to excellent Building Design and has put together a solid team, that provides a  well rounded firm to fit all your needs.
What is Green Design:
"Green" and especially Green Building Design is a term that is thrown around quite a bit.  So, what does "Green" truly mean and what can is do for you?

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